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KIrsty is a qualified nurse so you can be rest assured your in safe hands.

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"Creating your natural beauty"
"Creating your natural beauty"

Semi Permanent makeup

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My passion in semi- permanent  makeup is to crate a bespoke treatment resulting in a natural, flattering look for for each individual client depending on skin tone, facial feature, structure and client expectation.




On your first apointment this will involve discussing with you the look that you are wanting to create and i can advise accordingly.  We initially draw the eyebrow shape with a makeup penceil measuring the face shape and structure. This will show you the design of the brow and this will invole a 2 way conversation so that we can achieve the brow you desire. I will not start the design until you are completley happy with the look.






Eyebrows Frame your face and if shaped and designed effectively and can enhance your beauty giving your face a youthful look.  Micropigemantation is effective on all brows. Suitable for  those clients that just want a bit more definition or those that  have sparse brows to make them look thicker or no brow at all. Get the shape right and it will give your face and instant lift ,flattering  your face



3D Brows

This is an innovative technique which gives the yebrow a 3 dimensional look. This micropigmentation is an adavanced technique. This technique gives you  realistic hair strokes.


Hair strokes

This technique is used to creat fine hairs to the brows to fill in where there are sparse hair or gpas or simply for a fuller thicker look to the brow



Block Brows

This design is a very dense, solid colour with a smooth edge. Perfect for style fashion "HD"  and " Billion Dollar " brows.


Powdered Brows

This technique is for those clients that want a fuller brow but with a soft effect. This will mimic the shape that you would creeate with a powder or penceil.


Feathered brow

This a design for the feathered look created by fibe hair strokes and can be a dapted for a dine look or a more thicker fuller look. This a more textured natural stroke very popular technique now used.



This is the next new technique in semi permanent makeup giving the illusion of very fine hairs pernetrated to the memebrane of the brow so that you can wakeup with beuatiful brows 24/7. These are great for over plucked brows and can create a new shape without having to grow.



Asian Brow

At MacCreationz we specialise in providing brown coloured eyebrows that you desire with warm pugmentation which are suited to your skin tone


African Brow


For clients with a deeper skin tone as the Fitzpatrick skin type V & V1. At MacCrationz we understand the different skntypes and can provide clients with an indivual colour design that they wish.


All these techniqes can be used and adpated to design the perfect brow for you.


Hair loss due to Alopecia and post Chemotherapy


At MacCreationz we understand how the effect of hair loss in the brow area can be so upsetting and lower self esteem. Semi permanent  makeup for the brow area can create hair in the most natural way building confidence.  This treatment can be adapted for both women and men.




Correction methods are available at Macreationz. For those client with a badly designed semi permamanet brow or for those wanting a more subtle look from a current tatoo.


Mac " Brow" Creationz session


We have created these sessions for clients to have the design created so that they can look and see what they brow would look like prior to tattoing. We use extensive measuring and designing to help you achieve the shape  and colour you desire without the tattoing. We understand the committment of semi permanent tattoing and want you to feel confident about the design. This also gives you the opportunity to look at our portfolio of Macreationz.


For the Boyz


Brow Boost boyz


 Got great shaped brows but have a sparse or bald patch or a no growth area from a scar? At Maccreationz we can fill in to give you the brow you desire using the most advanced techniques as shown above


Guy liner

The new metrosexual make-up

This is about subtle  and maybe you want the look of " Russell Brand" or " Robbie Williams" . Here at Maccreationz we design the look you require. Let your eyes stand out. Guyliner is a perfect way to frame your eyes and make them stand out whilst maintaing masculinity and sex appeal.

The bottom line fellas is you will never look back!



Eyeliner, a subtle look for " Farrell"
Subtle top lid liner.Eyelash definer

Eye Liner



Different designs can be tatooed from a natural soft line to latino line or flick  to make the lower lashes look thicker. The design can add depth and give the eye more definition.





Lip liner is perfect to give the lip more definition and is great for reshaping uneven lips or lips that have no border.  3D Lip blush can also give the lips appear to have more voloume and look fuller.


Great for Clients that have a clepht palet or scarring to the  lips from injury


At MACCreations all consultations are FREE a patch test will be required 48 hours prior to your treatment.



other technoques include:


Beauty Spots

Correctional procedures

Alopecia sufferers.

Post chemotherapy treatment 

Great to use in combination with the use of lip volumisation


Please speak to the Nurse practitioner at MacCreationz regarding suitablility if having other cosmetic procedures


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