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"Creating your natural beauty"
"Creating your natural beauty"

Intense Pulse light

Hair removal





Laser Hair removali Maccreationz uses the most advanced technoilogy on the matrket today, an intense Pulsed Light. Intelibrite is one of the most hair reduction and removal using specialised computer Xenon Light tube.  The wavelength, exposure, duration and energy. The IPL damages the hair follicle to stop hair growth without damaging the skin.





At the consultation you will be given all the information about the technology we use at MacCreationz to remove the unwanted hair.  The Nurse will go through with you the questionaire with you to work out what skin type you are and then a tretament plan can be arranged.  The consultation allows you to show the Nurse the area that you are wanting to be tretaed and a patch test will be carried out on that area.  If no side affects after 72 hours are seen then tretament can commence and an appointment  will be made for you.  The consultation first appointment will give you the opportunity to ask any questions.



Questions and Answers

What is the Intense Pulse Light?


This is an incredible new therapy is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin to peform such treatments as hair Removal, and photo rejuvenation


How does IPL remove hair?


The Intense Light penetrates the skin and is aborbed by the melanin in the hair.  This absorption tretas the hair, with the heat being transported to the nourishment structure of the hair  (follicle).  This is heated to 700C for a millisecond thus destroying the follicle.  Hundreds of follicles are destryed by each flash and the hair start to fall out in 1-2 weeks.


Can all hairtypes be treated?


The darker the hair (the richer the melanin content), the better the result. White and red hairs cannot be tretaed using this method.


Is PIL painful ?


The sensation of pain is extremely variable from individual one to another. It depends on the concentration of melanin in the skin, hair size and hair density.  This is why the darker the skin, the gretaer the sensation.  it should be noted that a sensation of prickling may persist for 1-2 weeks after a session.


Are there any secondary effects?


In certain caes there may be redness in the tretaed area, local odema or peri-follicular papillae ( goose bumps). These effects will disappear several hours after the treatment, However in the majority of cases there are no visible effects.


How do we know if sufficient tretament has been given?


Hair removal: In the majority of cases, there is no visible effect.  It is possible, immediatly after treatment to pull hair using tweezers. If it can be removed without pulling on the skin, this is proof of a good result.  Also if per-follicular papillae or redness around the hair follicle, this also indicated the treated was succesful.


How many sessions are necessary?

Hair: It sis estimated that around 20% of hairs are in their growth phase at any one time. Normally 6 sessions should be recommend. This may alter 21 days apart.




  • Current history of skin cancer
  • Any active infections
  • Metal plates and pins in the are to be tretaed
  • Photo sensitivities
  • Immunosupressive diseases/medications
  • Aids
  • Hiv
  • Patient history of Hormonal or Endocrine disorders
  • Diabetes ( unless under contril)
  • History of bleeding or use of anticoagulants
  • Keloid scarring
  • Exposure to sunbeds, including self tanning products in 3-4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Pregnancy

Common place for hair removal


  • Lip hair- most women like to have this area removed as it is the most visible. IPl leaves the area looking smooth
  • Underarm- Preparing for sunner holidays or just going swimming, the bikini can be very sensitive to shave and can cause ingrowing hairs. IPL is perfect for this area and you never need to worry what your plans are. At Maccreationz we can treta the pubic area and groin and cover all unwanted bikini area.
  • Navel hair- This area is common for both men and women and can be tretaed is six sessions of IPL for hair reduction. Low cut jeans can be worn without the embarassment of showing unwanted hair.
  • Underarm- The underam, a poular area to be tretaed with IPL. Gone are the days of unsighlt underarm hair.
  • Leg hair- Full legs up to the butocks may be tretaed, including half leg  for those ladies that dont want the hassle of smooth free legs.
  • Chest hair- Over recent years hair removal for men has become more common as men are bemong mor aware of male grooming. Gone are the days of waxing every 4 weeks leaving the skin with rashes, sensitivity and sharp bristles when growing back. IPl hair reduction  wil leave the chest area smooth and soft to touch
  • Neck hair-An area popular in men and woman is the neck area, jawline and beard. Ipl ois perfect way of removing hair without the unsightly embarrassment  of hair growth for both men and women. Back of the neck popular for men that dont want to shave in between hair cuts and can look neat and tidy the next visit at the hairdressers.










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